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FA County Players

The Football Association (FA) County League is a football competition run by the FA in England. It was launched in the early 1940s to provide young players who were not signed professionals, with the opportunity to still play competitive, representative football.  FA County football is a very competitive footballing environment, as players face the best-of-the best in each county.   FA County can be a great preparation for professional football academies.

If you (your child) is playing FA County football and feels ready to move on to the next stage then SCOUTS CONNECT can help.  Players registered with SCOUTS CONNECT can prepare for their next opportunity by getting advice from a professional scout before going for showcases, ID matches or trials (Platinum members only).

FA County Football Players

FA County Players Football Scouting

FA County player scouting

Becoming a member of SCOUTS CONNECT means FA County players no longer have to rely on being in the right place at the right time for the opportunity to progress in their football journey. 

SCOUTS CONNECT gives players the freedom to focus on developing their ability and self-confidence, knowing that SCOUTS CONNECT will provide the opportunities they need to be seen at showcases and even to be scouted just by being on the database (Gold and Platinum members).   

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