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Keenan Apphia Forsen


My name is Keenan Apphia Forsen and I’m a professional football player. I’ve always been passionate about football. In my years of playing grassroots, if I had this platform I would have been spotted earlier.

I almost gave up but through my love for the game, performance on the pitch, determination and belief I was able to be spotted at the right place at the right time.

This platform will open doors and give players access to trials and be scouted.

Harry Watling


Michael Beale has made his latest addition to his backroom staff at Queens Park Rangers, as Harry Watling joins. Watling has taken up the role of First Team Development Coach, and he will have a strong focus on set-pieces. 

The 32-year-old joins a team of Neil Banfield, Damian Matthew and Chris Ramsey in supporting Beale.

The manager will take charge of his first competitive game with QPR on Saturday when they face Blackburn in their Championship opener.

This is not the first time that Watling has worked with Beale, as he was a part of the manager’s team when they were a part of the academy coaching staff at Chelsea.

Michael Beale discussed the new addition with the club’s website “I’m delighted that Harry has joined the club. He is a talented coach who has extensive experience for his age. 

He has worked at all levels of player development at Chelsea, West Ham and Millwall. Most recently he has been a head coach himself in America. 

His role will be to work alongside myself, Neil, Damian and Chris with the senior first-team squad and also to be a set-play specialist.

“The importance of set-plays cannot be understated and I believe that having a dedicated coach in this area will be hugely beneficial moving forwards.”

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